First-in-Class Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Lipid-Based Sustained Release Transdermal Nano Drug Delivery Systems
  • Energy Efficient
  • Sustained Release
  • Advanced Nano
  • Longer Shelf Life

Energy Efficient Production

Lowering production cost and Green House Gas Emissions (GHG)

CNano’s technology is cost-effective compared to high pressure homogenization techniques and results in reduced GHG emission and product waste.

Sustained Release with a Rapid Onset of Action

Reducing the need for frequent dosing while making treatment easier and enhancing patient adherence.

We use a range of advanced drug delivery technologies and components, such as film forming polymers and charged lipids, to extend the active duration of dermal and transdermal medicines and optimize their stay at the their target skin layer. Additionally to provide immediate action of pain relief medicines, we utilize advanced technologies to achieve a balanced ratio of excipients, thereby allowing rapid release of medicine while sustaining the release for a longer period of time.

Advanced Multiple Nano Emulsification Technology for the Dermal and Transdermal Delivery of Multiple Active Ingredients

Delivering various medicines at the same time with synergic therapeutic effect.

We employ intelligent drug delivery technologies to enhance the performance of active ingredients in skin delivery systems with opportunities for developing novel regenerative, analgesics, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory medicines that overcome major technological and socioeconomic challenges associated with conventional delivery methods.

Robust Structure with Extended Shelf Life

Enabling development of robust and thermodynamically stable formulations for multiple active ingredients at a high concentration.

CNano’s breakthrough nanomedicinal delivery technology is intended and designed to be used for various active ingredients with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic structures, thereby serving as platform for accelerating the state of Canadian innovation ahead of global competitors across various industries such as pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and Cannabis sectors.